according to the method of Viendo por el Mundo AC – VxM
Thank you for your interest in activating this ability. With the activation of the extra ocular vision, children and adolescents receive their “update as human beings” and therefore go through their school days with ease and joy as conscious beings, with self-confidence and without losing their uniqueness!

The unique advantages of this method are:

  1. The concentration is increased
  2. Intelligence is promoted – school grades get better
  3. Dyslexia and other weaknesses are reduced or disappear completely
  4. The sense of responsibility is strengthened – behaviour improves in school and at home.
  5. Self-confidence is promoted and strengthened – no bullying
  6. Consciousness is expanded – more creativity and intuition
  7. The own will is strengthened to act in a focused manner
  8. Compassion and social behaviour is improved
  9. Motivation and goal orientation in life are developed


Seminar SOA in January 2024, Sylvie Bueb

If I had to describe the seminar in one word, it would be the word and the abbreviation: WOW. “Wonderful, revelatory, effective”. Together with another participant, I attended Yaela’s learning workshop for 4 days. They were intensive, in-depth processes and were rewarded in the end with seeing without eyes for both of us.

From the very beginning there was a relaxed, open and welcoming atmosphere, Yaela is a wonderful hostess and I felt completely at ease, almost at home.

The seminar was well structured so that all topics were sufficiently covered within the 4 days. Yaela has the gift of being able to react spontaneously to the day’s events and change her plans, so one day she spontaneously offered me a “tapping session” before the learning workshop so that I could start the day more freely. On another day, we were able to adjust the times due to flight times. At this point again: THANK YOU to you!

The seminar lives from many vivid examples from Yaela’s life and her experiences in and with this method and makes the working method transparent.

The highlight for me was working with the children and parents, where we had a good opportunity to gain our first impressions and important practical experience on the individual days.
I was impressed by Yaela’s ease, her flexibility and her special attention to the child during the work.

The training with us, the ever-changing offers and being able to try things out together and get involved with what is, also contributed to the fact that I started to see without eyes on the last day.

An incredibly wonderful, revelatory and powerful experience that all parents should experience with their children who have a desire for a harmonious, loving, peaceful family life.

Thank you Yaela for your work and for advancing this beautiful work in this world!

Learning workshop January 2024, Jo

What a moving, eventful 4 days at the Lernwerkstatt in Vienna with Yaela! I am thrilled and deeply touched by Yaela’s enthusiasm to bring V.E.O. into the world, her commitment and courage. The combination of personal experience reports, theoretical knowledge and practice with the children was balanced for me. “Learning by doing” – I was allowed to implement and participate immediately, even if the wealth of information was overwhelming at first.

The personal insights that you gain through this work are also particularly valuable. I am grateful for the experience that I was allowed to ‘see’ in this LWKST – a sacred moment!

I recommend this learning workshop for people who want to work with children and families and want to make the earth a more light-filled, love-filled planet, because children are our future! S, January 2024